Formerly Frome Amateur Operatic Society

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The frome musical theatre company almost always performs in the Frome Memorial Theatre (FMT) and rehearses in the Annex behind, the Assembly Rooms. The two organisations are very close, but they are two separate organisations with two different controlling boards; that for the FMT is the Frome Memorial Theatre Trust. In the past, the boards have often had officers in common, but these days not so much. FMTC performs musical shows. FMT hosts shows and not just those by FAOS but also a wide range of professional acts, with emphasis on music. Both organisations recognise that there is a mutual dependency. FMTC could not produce shows of the size that it does without the FMT. FMT would find it hard to remain viable without the backbone of activity that FMTC provides. Because FMT is so important to FMTC, it's appropriate to mention a little of its history on this FMTC website ...

The Frome Memorial Theatre has evolved from a building that was originally known as the Memorial Hall. It was built in 1924 in memory of the fallen of the First World War. The funding for the building was raised from efforts by the general public in Frome and the surrounding area. In the 1920s and 1930s it was used primarily as a dance hall or place for meetings. When films became popular in the 1930s, seats were installed, it was turned into a cinema and named 'The Grand'. It was a thriving cinema until the 1970s when the impact of television kept away many cinema goers. Eventually, The Grand was closed as a cinema and the building was used for other purposes, mainly by FAOS. In the early 1980s, the trustees of the Memorial Hall were under great pressure to sell the building to the Mendip District Council for development. This was fortunately avoided due to pressure from the local community, the building became a theatre and over the past few decades has been fully equipped as a theatre capable of running all but the biggest shows.

Despite the fact that the building sees great enjoyment and fun these days, underneath it remains a war memorial to the fallen of Frome and the environs, and now also pays homage to the heroes of the Second World War and other conflicts.

The Frome Memorial Theatre is situated on Christchurch Street West, Frome, Somerset BA11 1EB and it's telephone number is 01373 462795. Click the link below to visit the Theatre's website: