Bugsy Malone

Tuesday 26th – Wednesday 27th October

Following the heart warming success of ‘BLITZ!’, we are delighted to release information for our next youth production ‘Bugsy Malone’ which will take place in October 2021 at the Frome Memorial Theatre.

The Creative Team

Producer – Karen Bishop
Director – Dora Bishop
Musical Director – David Hynds
Choreographer – Eloise Kilkelly-Doyle

The Cast

Bugsy Malone – Harry Stamp
Blousey Brown – Ella Evans
Fat Sam – Owen White
Dandy Dan – George Langley
Tallulah – Abi Baker
Fizzy – Scott Douglas

Dandy Dan’s Gang
Louella, Dandy Dan’s wife – Rose Whelan
Bronx Charlie – Flo Caidan
Shoulders – Bethan Davis
Benny Lee – Isobel Dalais
Yonkers – Maisie Wood
Laughing Boy – Frankie Wareham
Doodle/Babyface – Charlie Hitt
Dandy Dan’s Butler – Noah Hardy

Cagey Joe/Radio Announcer – Archie Stewart Cox
Leroy Smith/News Correspondent – Beau Street
Lena Marelli – Grace Woodham
Oscar De Velt – Oscar Masters
Paper Boy/Clarence The Dummy – Elliot Wood
Seymour Scoop/News Correspondent – Emily Nagel
Waitress/Opera Singer – Phoebe Upton

Freyjah Ayliffe, Eliza Bodey, Eliza Caidan, Gracie Cox, Emma Davis, Amelie Glover, Ella Hargreaves, RosaBelle Hartley, Xanthie Perry, Mollie Vowles, Mathilda Wickham

Fat Sam’s Gang
Knuckles – Dillon Endicott
Snake Eyes – Dom Evans
Ritzy – Cole Lewis
Shake Down Louis – Max Andrews
Angelo – Teddy Bodey

Captain Smolsky – George Thomas
Lt O’Dreary – Ed Twigger
Razamatazz – Evie Saunders
Joe The Bartender – Grace Sneade
Pickett/News Correspondent – Lauren Penney
Pop Becker/Looney Bergonzi – Leo Hajdaraj
Marbini The Magician/Shady – Merryn Gilder

Tallulah’s Girls
Bangles – Alicia Renton
Velma – Lucy Meadows
Dotty – Charlotte Fowler
Loretta – Ertha Gilder
Tillie – Willow Pincombe
Roxy “The Weasel” Robinson/Auditionee – Felix Henley

Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Dancers
Violet Ascott, Sally Bruce. Sophie Cox, Yasmin Cox, Sydney Hall, Heidi Masters, Elodie Newman, Emily Taylor, Florrie Walker, Orla Walker, Olivia Wood, Isla Wright

In the meantime, if you would like to email us with any questions you may have about getting involved, please do so. We would love to hear from you. Please email us – info@fromemtc.co.uk