After a two year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Frome Musical Theatre Company are back with a lavish production of the hit musical comedy Shrek, based on the DreamWorks animation film.

Shrek Cast List:

Shrek – Jon O’Loughlin
Princess Fiona – Nicole Wooldridge
Donkey- Davey Evans
Lord Farquaad – David Hynds
Dragon – Dora Bishop
Pinocchio – George Langley
Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy – Georgie Rose
Fairy Godmother/Queen Lillian – Joanne Plenty
Wicked Witch- Vic Withers
Little Pig #1 – Nick Rose
Little Pig #2 – Mike Perry
Little Pig #3 – Wayne Kelly
Mama Bear – Leah Rice
Papa Bear – Andy Tawse
Baby Bear – Natalie Andrews
Ugly Duckling – Orla Walker
White Rabbit – Hannah Wicks
Mad Hatter – Pete White
Peter Pan – Abi Holmes
Elf – Lissi Renton
Big Bad Wolf – Kev Withers
Humpty Dumpty – Noah Heard
King Harold- Gary Williams
Young Fiona – Alice Beech & Millie Westmacott
Teen Fiona/Red Riding Hood  – Lauren Penney
Mama Ogre/Alice- Beth Dombkowski
Papa Ogre/Pied Piper – Matt Dawkins
Young Shrek- Oliver Andrews
Captain of the Guard – Chris Murray
Thelonious/Bishop – Wayne Kelly
Blind Mice/Guards/Villagers- Charliee Bourne, Liberty Williams, Dave Merritt, Ed Twigger, Emily Taylor.

In the meantime, if you would like to email us with any questions you may have about getting involved, please do so. We would love to hear from you. Please email us –