Thursday 8th – Saturday 10th August 2019

Following the sensational production of Seussical last summer we are delighted to be performing BLITZ! a musical by Lionel Bart set during the air raids of the Second World War in London.

To see a few of our past Spellbound productions visit our Past Shows page.

The Creative Team

Producer – Karen Bishop
Director – Dora Bishop
Choreographer – Eloise Kilkelly – Doyle
Musical Director – David Hynds
Vocal Coach – Teresa Bray

The Cast

Mrs Blitztein – Millie Weare
Harry Blitztein – Nick Rose
Carol Blitztein – Hannah Stamp
Rachel Blitztein – Megan Wright
Cissy Blitztein – Charlotte Fowler
Siddy Blitztein – (Evacuee) Orla Walker
Penny Blitztein – (Evacuee) Emma Davis
Freddie Blitztein – (Evacuee) Oliver Andrews
Betsy Blitztein – (Evacuee) Emily Andrews

Mr Alfie Locke – Harry Stamp
Georgie Locke – Owen White
Frances (Franny) Locke – Grace Woodham

Mr Ernie Nearmiss – Scott Douglas
Elsie Mayfield – Izzy King
Tommy Blackwell – (Evacuee) Maximillian Andrews

Charlie Rouse – George Langley
Barbara Rouse – Olivia Wood
Bonnie Rouse – (Evacuee) Yasmin Cox
Brenda Rouse – (Evacuee) Isla Wright
Bertie Rouse – (Evacuee) Noah Hardy

Mrs Freida Josephs – Lauren Nolan
Lydia Josephs – Emily Taylor
Billy Josephs – (Evacuee) Charlie Hitt
Ruthie Josephs – (Evacuee) Florrie Walker

Miss Irene Dunston /Mrs Victoria O’hara – Rose Whelan

Reggie O’hara – (Evacuee) Elliot Wood
Mary O’hara – (Evacuee) Millie Steel

Mrs Jennie Murphy – Harriet Lemay-Lamb

Peg Murphy – Ella Evans
Sean Murphy – (Evacuee) Cole Lewis
Rita Murphy – (Evacuee) Lauren Penney

Vera Lynn/ Mrs Daphne Wilson – Willow Pincombe
Annie Wilson – (Evacuee) Phoebe Upton
Wilf Wilson – (Evacuee) Leo Hajdaraj
Susie Wilson – (Evacuee) Mollie Vowles

Joyce Matthews/ Mrs Jessie Baggleovitch – Lucy MeadowsTina Baggleovitch – (Evacuee) Isobel Dalais
Maggie Baggleovitch – (Evacuee) Xanthie Perry
Linda Baggleovitch – (Evacuee) Molly Coleman

Mr Stanley Finkelstein/ Sgt Major/Military Police – Lochlan Apps
Greta Finkelstein – (Evacuee) Flo Caidan
Joanie Finkelstein – (Evacuee) Bethan Steel
Esther Finkelstein – (Evacuee) Eleanor Linegar

Mr Edmund Smith – Dom Evans

Buddy Boy Watkins / Flt Lt /Policeman – Archie Stewart Cox
Kathy Watkins – Grace Sneade

Mrs Vi Higgins – Bethan Davis
Alfie Higgins – (Evacuee) Dillon Endicott

Mrs Eileen Miller – Mathilda Wickham
Maria Miller – (Evacuee) Maisie Evans
Nora Miller – (Evacuee) Ella Hargreaves
Maud Miller – (Evacuee) Amelie Glover

Mrs Nancy Popkiss – Maisie Wood
Edith Popkiss – (Evacuee) Sophie Cox
Jackie Popkiss – (Evacuee) Gracie Cox
Dot Popkiss – (Evacuee) Evie Saunders

Workshop Week

9.30 – 4.30pm
Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August


10 – 4pm
Saturday 3rd August
Sunday 4th August

Show week 

Tech Act One –  Monday 5th August 2 – 10pm
Tech Act Two – Tuesday 6th August 2 – 10pm
Dress Rehearsal – Wednesday 7th August 2 – 10pm
Performance  – Thursday  8th August 4 – 10pm
Performance – Friday 9th August 4– 10pm
Performances  – Saturday 10th August 11 – 11.30pm

In the meantime, if you would like to email us with any questions you may have about getting involved, please do so. We would love to hear from you. Please email Producer Karen Bishop.