Little Mermaid Cast List

Under the sea:
Ariel – Abi Baker
Ursula – Flo Caidan
King Triton – Archie Stewart-Cox
Sebastian – Beau Street
Flounder – George Thomas
Aquata (Mersister) – Alicia Renton
Andrina (Mersister) – Evie Saunders
Arista (Mersister) – Florrie Walker
Atina (Mersister) – Grace Sneade
Adella (Mersister) – Grace Woodham
Allana (Mersister) – Phoebe Upton
Flotsam (Eel) – Orla Walker
Jetsam (Eel) – Rose Whelan
Windward (Trumpet Fish) – Maisie Wood
Leeward (Trumpet Fish) – Noah Hardy

Where the people are:
Prince Eric – Harry Stamp
Grimsby – Ed Twigger
Scuttle – Dillon Endicott
Chef Louis – Maximilian Andrews
Pilot – Joseph Truckell
Max Dog (Puppeteer) – Odharnait Mosley

Bethan Davis, Mathilda Wickham, Olivia Wood, Emily Andrews, Millie Steel, Phoebe Castle, Yasmin Cox, Emma Davis, Xanthie Perry, Lucas Wint, Eliza Caidan, Elliot Wood, Felix Henley, Leo Hajdaraj, Sydney Dunstan, Amelie Glover, Maggie Christmas, Charlie Hitt, Zachary Green, Gracie Cox, Sophie Cox, Oliver Andrews, Isla Wright, Rose Tricker-Haines, Alice Beach, Mollie Vowles, Eliza Bodey, Nate Wood, Cerys Hitt, Ava Matthews, Fionnuala Mosley, Thomas Grierson, Ava Walker, Eliza Castle.

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